I enjoyed playing your hand made guitar. It felt solid, intonation was right on and the pickups were outrageously hot. Awesome guitar!


Jim Wooton San Diego, CA

Tom, Wanted to let you know how well the bone nut on the LP is working out. It's PERFECT!

Can't thank you enough Tom. Hope to do more business with you. I'm telling everyone I know about your talents.


I saw your web site posted at the music store.  I gave it a look.  Great job.

I'm still using the nut lubricant on my nylon string guitars.  It's

working great!

Take care,

Aaron Wooton, MBA

Tom does amazing work and as I see it, I cannot be any more happy with what he's done, only because I know it is going to open a wormhole in the sky with it's sheer awesomeness....Ye Be Warned! Sean W. Oxnard, CA

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Tom Lyons Guitars and Ian Anderson Pickups are like PB/ Mac n' Peas and of the most stellar rigs you can get your hands on...and here's another plus; All Made In America...

Support your local guitar-builders, luthiers, ship-builders, etc...any craftsman(or woman) for that matter. I have a Tom Lyons Guitar and I love it! It really is another extension of myself. If only I could really describe it to you, as if words could justify. You'll have to hear, see, and feel for yourself. The only thing I can do is put up pictures of my newborn children and hope that none of you know exactly where I live

Here's to both of you, Tom and Ian!

I'm so glad Tom built my guitar. I'm a song writer and a story teller, and I wanted a guitar I could talk about. I also wanted a great guitar. For me I feel safe and capable playing a guitar that stays in tune and sounds great. Tom hit a home run. My guitar will be getting plenty of use soon because I am booked solid until October.. Thanks Tom. - David Watt, Charleston, SC

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The peavys, fenders etc that I have played don’t feel as smooth as this. Tom you’re an amazing artist- Kelly Leger, Portsmouth VA