I enjoyed playing your hand made guitar. It felt solid, intonation was right on and the pickups were outrageously hot. Awesome guitar!


Jim Wooton San Diego, CA


It’s way better than I expected, THANK YOU! Joel H., Michigan


I saw your web site posted at the music store.  I gave it a look.  Great job.

I'm still using the nut lubricant on my nylon string guitars.  It's

working great!

Take care,

Aaron Wooton, MBA

Tom does amazing work and as I see it, I cannot be any more happy with what he's done, only because I know it is going to open a wormhole in the sky with it's sheer awesomeness....Ye Be Warned! Sean W. Oxnard, CA

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Tom Lyons Guitars and Ian Anderson Pickups are like PB/ Mac n' Peas and of the most stellar rigs you can get your hands on...and here's another plus; All Made In America...

Support your local guitar-builders, luthiers, ship-builders, etc...any craftsman(or woman) for that matter. I have a Tom Lyons Guitar and I love it! It really is another extension of myself. If only I could really describe it to you, as if words could justify. You'll have to hear, see, and feel for yourself. The only thing I can do is put up pictures of my newborn children and hope that none of you know exactly where I live

Here's to both of you, Tom and Ian!

I'm so glad Tom built my guitar. I'm a song writer and a story teller, and I wanted a guitar I could talk about. I also wanted a great guitar. For me I feel safe and capable playing a guitar that stays in tune and sounds great. Tom hit a home run. My guitar will be getting plenty of use soon because I am booked solid until October.. Thanks Tom. - David Watt, Charleston, SC

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The peavys, fenders etc that I have played don’t feel as smooth as this. Tom you’re an amazing artist- Kelly Leger, Portsmouth VA