I’ve been creating with wood for most of my life. I’ve been building guitars since 2011 with a couple random builds prior to that. I consider myself a "guitarwright", rather than a Luthier. A term that I believe that I have coined. A shipwright builds ships. A woodwright builds with wood. I am a self taught builder of guitars, a Guitarwright.

Word of mouth has gotten me to where I am. Somebody plays a guitar that I built and then they call me to build one for them. I build part time. Weekends mostly, after all the errands and honey-do’s are done. I have a day job to support my woodworking habit. That means that it takes me a good bit to build a guitar. A guitar won’t leave until I’m 100% satisfied with it. A reputation is as fragile as a flake of shellac.

In addition to building guitars, I also do set up work, fret leveling, fret replacement, bone nut install, and pickup replacement. And if the timing is right, I still build custom humidors and jewelry boxes on occasion. Send an email if you’re interested.

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