Model RT Hollow Body

Designed in conjunction with my friend "R. T.", this hollow body started on the drawing board with a pre-existing shape, then grew to what we have here. It was to be light. I hit 5.12lbs. His next criteria was that it needed to have sufficient string to string spacing so that when he finger picks he will have comfortable spacing for his large fingers. With the wider string spread came the need to build a bridge and tail piece as nothing off the shelf was available in our string spread. Being the friend that he is,  he wanted to challenge me and help me grow. This brought with it the slotted head stock and the arm bevel. Oh, and don't put the controls on the top either.

Thru some influences of other builds, we created this gem. E to E at the nut is just over 1 3/4"; at the bridge, we have 2 9/64". Body is 15 5/8" wide and just about 2 1/2" thick at the center.

Mahogany body and neck, englemann spruce on the top. Bois de Rose fretboard, tail piece and bridge. Double acting truss rod with carbon fiber strips on either side of the truss. Thuya burl on the headstock and accent to the tail piece. Logo is mother of pearl.

copyright 2012 - 2019

Adaptation of a model from the 70s. This guitar is a semi hollow body with mahogany body, sitka spruce top and center block. The neck is a True Temperament neck system. Coil tapping of the humbuckers with a 3 way switch and a Schaller bridge. We've called this model the "Cashmaster".