Acoustic Guitars

Back in 2007 or so, a few years before I made my first guitar, I was contacted by an old friend who happened to be a performing musician. He asked if I would build him an acoustic guitar. I was flattered at the request, but declined. When I started building electric guitars, he asked me again to build an acoustic for him. I was intimidated by the thought and didn't think that I was up for the challenge. Finally, during 2014 I gave in and began creating what you see here. It is a dreadnaught, with traditional X bracing and a dovetail neck. Indian rosewood sides and back, Sitka spruce top and mahogany neck. I had documented the build in photos pretty well along the way, unfortunately, I used my camera phone and wouldn't you know it, but the memory card became corrupt and I lost all of the early photos. Below are shots that I took with an actual camera. I was amazed at how rich it sounds. So much so, that I really do hate to part with it. But he has been very patient and it is now time for this song bird to fly home and entertain folks on the east coast.

"It truly has visual beauty, is easy to play and sounds great.  You really

should be doing that full time." Aaron Wooton

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