Guitar Builds

What makes a Tom Lyons Guitar?

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Primavera. Mahogany. Maple. Sapele. Cocobolo. Rosewood. Wenge. And many others. Sometimes a one piece body, sometimes a 2 piece. If it is a 2 piece, the grain will match like it was meant to be that way. I try to use single piece bodies whenever I can but finding a nice piece 13 inches wide is getting pretty tough these days and is guaranteed to pull a premium price. Dare to be different. A classic shape, that can be massaged in so many ways.

Block inlay on a rosewood fretboard

A couple of mahogany neck blanks

A chunk of maple ready for resawing to become tops

Bound cocobolo headstock

Prototype neck

Shaping the arm bevel

Shaping the neck heel

Getting the bridge placed

Hand cut fretboards

Gluing up a top

Hollow body glue-up

Primavera body with a claro walnut back and fresh cut pick guards

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Soon to be neck for a neck-thru bass

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This is a current project in the works. The body is alder. The art is burned into the wood by my Navy brother Brian McCauley. Brian starts by drawing the idea onto a sheet of paper, inside the outline of the guitar body. Once we get the details and vision on paper, he will re-draw onto the guitar, then burn and shade the art.  Brian is a very talented artist in many forms and this is the second creation we've worked on together. Brian is available for commision and can be reached by email at SBURATT93@YAHOO.COM