Tom Lyons Guitars, LLC

Welcome. I am a part time guitar builder in Hilliard, Florida, building electrics, acoustics and electric bass guitars.

I am a woodworker who is passionate about guitars. How they feel, how they play, how the wood resonates when a string is plucked. And lets not forget about the individual thumbprint in every timber put there by mother nature. The character of the grain alone tells a story of the life the tree has lived. Hide that beauty with paint? Why? Maybe a little tint here and there, but to cover it up completely, well, why did that tree give its life in the first place then? Anyway, back on target here....Guitars.  Hand made. One at a time. Are you ready to rock the Lyons’ paw? Step inside and take a look around.

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"Made by the hands of an American son with components supplied by American vendors."

  "I have owned the guitar Tom built for me for over a year now, LA001 has seasoned into a fine sounding and playing work horse instrument. The electronic system really makes the guitar very capable on stage or in a studio environment. I think Tom has found his calling..."

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